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Want to Recover Deleted Android Contacts? Here Is The Way!

What is the most important data in your Android phone? For most people, it's contacts. Without contacts, you can't directly contact with your families, friends, colleagues and more. What if you suddenly lose or mistakenly delete some valuable contacts on your Android phone? In this article, we will show you how to recover deleted/lost contacts on Android phone. If you are facing the situation and don't know what to do, you can keep reading to find the best solution.

As soon as you notice the contacts missing or delete contacts accidently, you should stop using your Android phone immediately. Because these lost Android contacts are not really gone, you may still have a big chance to get them back. However, the new added data may overwrite the deleted files on your phone. So first, you need to find the trustworthy recovering software to help you recover the deleted contacts on Android phone. Here we sincerely recommend the professional Android Contacts Recovery to do that for you.

Download WinDownload Mac

Step 1. Download and install

Download and install this excellent program, and then launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Connect Android phone

Launch Android Data Recovery

Connect your Android phone to computer with USB cable. It will take a while to install the device driver, then the Android Contacts Recovery will automatically detect your phone.

Step 3. Open USB Debugging mode

In order to connect your device successfully, you need to allow USB debugging mode.

enter USB debugging mode

For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.

For Android 3.0 - 4.1: Go to Settings > Developer options > USB debugging.

For Android 4.2 or later: Click Settings > About phone. Tab Build number for 7 times till the dialogue box You are under developer mode occurs. Then return to Settings > Developer options > USB Debugging.

Allow USB Debugging Mode

If you have already allowed the USB debugging mode, you will see a pop-up window on the screen, mark "Always allow from this computer" and click "OK".

Step 4. Select contacts to recover

Choose Contacts Type

After connecting successfully, all file types on your Android phone will be displayed in the interface. Choose "Contacts" and then tab "Next". It will take several minutes to analyze your lost and existent contacts.


Need to Root

If you want to recover deleted call history, you need to root your Android device. This powerful software will prompt you that you can scan the data on your phone without rooting, but the scanned result maybe not complete. Or you can click "manually Root" to root your device. It will select the professional and trustworthy program to help you root Android phone.

Step 5. Preview and recover Android contacts

Select Android Contacts

After scanning, this powerful contacts recovering software allows you to preview the detailed information of each contact. You can easily check the deleted and extent contacts in the preview window. Choose the contacts you want to recover and then click "Recover". Just in one click, all the selected contacts will be restored to your computer in format of CSV, HTML and VCF.


Besides contacts, this all-featured Android data recovering program can help you to recover deleted/lost call logs, messages, photos, videos, songs, documents, etc. from Android phone.

If you try several methods and still cannot recover the deleted or lost Android contacts. You can free download Android Contacts Recovery to have a try. Also, you can use it to restore or back up other files on Android device.